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To Clear, Courageous, and Confident. 

In Weeks, not Years.

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It took me 3 years to find my True Path - now I can help you find yours in just a few weeks 

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Hey, I'm Majid 👋

I'm an ex-strategy consultant, turned career coach and entrepreneur.

Back in 2020, I was in your shoes: a successful and ambitious corporate achiever, from the outside living the good life … 

… But deep inside, I was lost and unfulfilled.

So, I went on a journey of exploration.

Coming out of it, I discovered what I wanted to do in life - empowering others to do work they love, that makes them feel inspired, proud, and alive. 

That inspired my 'Career Pathfinder' program – a focused, fast-tracked blueprint that helps you gain full clarity over your what you really want to do next - and in the longer-term - while growing the courage and confidence to actually do it … in weeks, not years.

This approach changed my life.  It changed my clients’ lives.  And I want to help you change yours.

I'm excited to meet you! If you're curious about my story and how I got here, feel free to read more here 😁

Here’s what my clients had to say

Hussein Alameh

Assistant Manager, Strategy Consulting (7 years of XP)

Dubai, UAE


I recommend working with Majid to anyone who might be feeling lost in their life, especially from a career perspective. Majid is amazing to work with, attentive, professional, knowledgeable, and caring. Before my coaching sessions with Majid, I was unfulfilled and feeling lost in my career. I was good at what i do but i didn't feel / know whether i'm on the right track. Right from the first session with Majid, things started to change. The clarity that i got through my sessions with Majid made me decide to take the next step in my career and move to a more fulfilling role / workplace. This decision would've been much more difficult to take and execute without the outcomes of Majid's coaching. I changed jobs during my coaching period, and now I've set my vision and strategy for the next few years. Majid helped me go from being lost in my career life to being excited and planning for huge career steps.

Khodor Salam

Sales, Mobility & Transport (7 years of XP)

Florida, USA


Prior to coaching with Majid, I lacked direction and was bored of running on autopilot everyday. However, after our coaching sessions, I found myself brimming with creativity and waking up each day with a newfound sense of direction and fulfillment. Majid’s guidance helped me uncover my true passions, interests, and strengths, leading me down a path that I am now wholeheartedly passionate about – a path that perfectly aligns with the insights revealed during our sessions together.

Antoine Quilici

Project Manager, Strategy Consulting (8 years of XP)

Dubai, UAE


Majid is has been a great coach who guide me in identifying what really matters in my career, and in defining a concrete strategy and an execution plan to reach it.

In addition, to supporting me on a professional level, Majid has been able to help me work on personal dimensions using a great variety of techniques tailored to the session's objectives and to my personality.

Majid cares a lot about the development and flourishing of people he coaches and is still following up with me regularly to make sure I am consistent and getting closer to my goals. What a coach!*

Raya Anonymous

Senior Consultant, Strategy Consulting (4 years of XP)

Abu Dhabi, UAE


The coaching came in its right time, I was at a point of change and felt very lost on what to do next, What Majid did is take my hands and show me the way that my mind and heart desire, and since my coaching with him, I have more clarity on my purpose in life, career, and can develop a long-term future based on it, now, more confident than ever and living by the lessons I learnt about myself, purpose and the hidden power in my personality that I didn't realize until now 😊, THANK YOU MAJID

Nathalie El Khoury

Senior Operations Manager, Marketing (9 years of XP)

Dubai, UAE


Majid reached out at a pivotal time in my career. I knew I was not on the right path, but I was unsure of what direction to take. Through a series of targeted exercises and insightful guidance, I gained a deeper understanding of my values and non-negotiables, which allowed me to identify my true passions and align my career goals accordingly. This clarity has set me on a path towards achieving my career goals with confidence. Now, time to make it happen! 

Michal Dufek

Product Lead, Product Consulting (15 years of XP)

Dubai, UAE


I had the pleasure of working with Majid, and I must say, the experience was exceptional. His work was incredibly well-structured, clear, and executed with precision. The methodologies he provided were top-notch, ensuring guidance to define career objectives. I highly recommend Majid.

Dimitri Smaira

University Graduate, Engineering (1 year of XP)

Beirut, Lebanon


Before working with Majid, I was lost and unsure what to do after university. Now, after our sessions, I am so convinced with the career path I want to take, that fits my personality and needs. Also, I became much more disciplined, motivated and self-caring. This has been an amazing experience. Thx Majid!

Sara Anonymous

Manager, Strategy Consulting (7 years of XP)

London, UK


Pathfinder program made me realize what I’m passionate about and how to shape my career around it. Now it’s about getting there step-by-step. Highly recommend this to anyone who feels lost or stuck in their careers. Thx Majid!

Raymond Raphael

Fun-employed (8 years of XP)

Dubai, UAE


Majid has skin in the game (career transition, entrepreneur) ensuring he was highly empathic and receptive to my experience, no matter the nuance and quirks of it. Combined with his curiosity and hunger for knowledge, he adds a layer of fun coaching tools to help define yourself, what you're looking for with a focus on outcomes. Having Majid by my side in this transition period was priceless. thanks Majid.

Karl Anonymous

Senior Consultant, Strategy Consulting (3 years of XP)

Dubai, UAE


During my time working with Majid, I gained an immense level of clarity in what is important for me in my career. I also loved how he challenged me to take big steps every week to help me transition faster than what I initially had in mind.

Yahya Miri

Strategic Finance, Tech (8 years of XP)

Amsterdam, Netherlands


The perspective and level of insights gained from having coaching sessions with Majid were not only valuable, but also a little surprising (in a good way off-course). What I loved about it the most, was the level of comfort and the energy that was felt. This made me realize what truly is hidden and what potential should be explored... without having any doubt or hesitation, the level of clarity was unprecedented

Sam Anonymous

Senior Consultant, Strategy Consulting (7 years of XP)

Riyadh, Arabia Saoudi


The self-discovery sessions were transformative, empowering me to understand my values and gain clarity on my view towards my personal life and career

Elie Abi Raad

Engineer, R&D (6 years of XP)

Aachen, Germany


Working with Majid was a great help in figuring out the next step for my career. After six years in the same position, I wasn’t sure of what I wanted for my career anymore. Through our sessions, I was able to rediscover my values, what I liked, what I didn’t like (for example small city vs big city, 9-to-5 vs 10+-hour workdays), and decide on a direction to take. The greatest added value to working with Majid compared to just doing it myself was his help navigating the re-discovery process. For example, he would help me realize how excited or bored I was about specific career paths when I didn’t realize it myself, or that I was being dismissive of some career prospects without good reason. He was also very generous with his time during our sessions. Overall, working with Majid was a great experience and very helpful to decide my next steps.

And here's my promise to you:

If you’re not satisfied with the clarity, courage, or confidence you’ve gained,
you don’t pay anything! 😊

If you have some of those feelings, the Career Pathfinder is definitely for you:

You’re Unfulfilled 😤

… You feel like your needs - both personal and professional - aren’t being met. You feel like the path you’re on doesn’t align with your big ambitions. You’re not living the life that you really want!

You Feel Lost 😕

… You’re unsure about where you’re heading - both your next step and your long-term direction. That lack of clarity keeps you stuck and trapped in the corporate rat race. 

You Lack Purpose 🤔

... You struggle with a lack of meaning and purpose at work. You current role / organization doesn’t provide the meaningful and tangible impact you need to have.

You’re Demotivated 😫

... You don’t enjoy your work anymore. You lost the drive and energy you once had. You’re no longer engaged and devoted at work, feeling like your tasks are a chore.

Your Work and Personal Life Aren’t Aligned 😓

… You feel frustrated that your job demands so much of your time and energy that you can’t maintain a healthy work / life balance - feeling like a corporate slave. 

You’re Scared to Take the Leap 😨

… You have a vague idea of what you want to do, but you’re held back by the fear of the unknown, and the potential of losing the security that your high-paying job gives you. 
Do any of the above pain points resonate with you?
Discover just how fulfilled you really are with our quick Fulfil-o-Meter Quiz.

Three Things You’ll Get
After Working Together

Clarity 🌟

… over who you are at your core, why you’re here, what you really want to do next - and in the longer-term - and how to get there

Courage 🔥

… you’ll be able to face your biggest fears and grow more powerful over them - they won’t be limiting you anymore!

Confidence 💪

… you’ll have much more belief and trust in what you’re able to do - with a boost in self-love and self-authority - a.k.a. self-esteem
Achieve your goals

What To Expect From
the Career Pathfinder Program

Over the course of a few weeks,  we'll have weekly 1:1 coaching sessions with some digital activities in between. Together we'll define your Inner Hero, your Life & Work Compass, your Unique Career Path, your Vision, your Long-Term Year Strategy, and your 90-Day Action Plan.
And again:
If you’re not satisfied with the clarity, courage, or confidence you’ve gained,
you don’t pay anything! 😊

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