15 DECEMBER, 2023

10 Principles for a
Life Well-Lived

Like you're on other people's track ... versus creating your own path?
Ever feel like the life you're living isn't authentic to your 'True Self'?

I felt like that for a long time during my strategy consulting career.

The success was great, but really, is this what I want from life and work?

Now that I transitioned into career coaching, I feel like my life is much more coherent and authentic.

So here are my 10 principles for a life well-lived, so that you can create your own and go for the life that you want:

1) Take good care of your body and mind - you only get one.

2) Aim for genuine connection in your relationships through authenticity, openness and vulnerability.

3) Decide what you want in life and go for it through logical thinking and taking massive action.

4) Pursue meaningful work by empowering others.

5) Embrace slow living by connecting with your inner world and nature.

6) Strive for continuous learning by following your curiosity and keeping an open mind.

7) Seek growth and resilience through exposure to discomfort, difficulty, and fear.

8) Embrace failure through trial and error, and detach yourself from the outcome.

9) Use your head, heart and gut to make important decisions.

10) Balance your day between future-building and present-enjoying.

So, which principle resonates most with you?

And what would your key principles look like?
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