4 APRIL, 2024

7 Signs You Need
a Career Change

'How can you tell people what to do?'

'What's career coaching anyway?'

I get these questions a lot. So let me clarify.

Career coaching can on take many forms, from helping people advance in their careers to helping them shift into more fulfiling roles.

And no matter the situation, I never tell someone what to do - that's not coaching, that's mentoring 😁

As a coach, I just ask powerful questions that allow my clients to see what's important to them, so they can decide - from a place of clarity and power - the direction they want to take.

So when do you need a career coach?

Here are 7 common feelings that indicate you'd benefit from working with one:

🎯Your current role lacks meaning and you feel there's no purpose to what you're doing

🔥You often feel demotivated and crave a role that's exciting and gives you drive

🎭You feel there's a mismatch between your personal and professional identity and are seeking authentic work

🔙You want to make a shift but don't want to start from scratch

💲You feel worried about taking the leap and having to sacrifice your current lifestyle

💡You want change but don't have full clarity over what you really want

🧭You know what you want but you're unsure how to get there

Again, you could navigate these periods by yourself, but it just takes so much more time, effort and pain along the way.

And I'm saying this from experience ... that's why I decided to go into coaching in the first place, so I can help people who are in my shoes today navigate these situations in a smoother and faster way.

So if you're looking to shift into an exciting, meaningful and authentic role that feels like play without sacrificing your lifestyle ... I can definitely help! 🚀

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