9 MAY, 2024

Are you a 'Builder'? 🎭

🎭 Are you a 'Builder'? 🎭

Builders are the second of my '8 Career Archetypes' (check out my previous posts for the whole list).

Builders are hands-on people that thrive on developing tangible outcomes from their visions and efforts - these can be anything from systems to structures to businesses.

They take pride in the ownership and autonomy of their work.

Here are some key elements of the Builder archetype - again, this is all made up, but if you resonate with it and it helps you get clarity on your work preferences, needs, and ideal work roles, that's good enough!

🗝️ Key Needs & Desires

Tangible impact, Ownership, Autonomy in their projects

❤️ Core Values

Legacy, Reliability, Quality

💪 Key Strengths

Analyzing, Conceptualizing, Attention to detail

🚀 Ideal Work Roles

Specialist, operational, well-defined roles that focus on building and creating solutions

🔥Work Role Examples

Engineer, Software Developer, Real-Estate Developer, Product Manager, Operations Manager, Product Developer, Supply Chain Manager

🛠️ Ideal Work Settings

Any setting that grants them the autonomy and resources to build.

How accurate do you feel this is? Did I miss anything?

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