30 APRIL, 2024

Are you a 'Connector'? 🎭

The Connector archetype captures the essence of individuals for whom social interaction, networking, and the ability to unite people around common goals or ideas are central to their professional identity and satisfaction.

It's the first of my '8 Career Archetypes' (see my previous post for all 8, each will get its own post).

Here are some key elements of the Connector archetype - again, this is all made up, but if you resonate with it and it helps you get clarity on your work preferences, needs, and ideal work roles, that's good enough!

🗝️ Key Needs & Desires: Building meaningful connections, Community, Social engagement

❤️ Core Values: Trust, Collaboration, Recognition

👻 Core Fears: Isolation, being disconnected or out of the loop from their social circles

💪 Key Strengths: Communicating, Orchestrating, Relationship-building

🚀 Ideal Work Roles: Generalist, cross-functional and individual type of roles that aim to connect people and / or ideas

🔥Work Role Examples: Partnerships Manager, Business Development Manager, PR Manager, Program Coordinator, Brand Ambassador, Sales

🛠️ Ideal Work Settings: Dynamic environments that prioritize social interaction, teamwork and collaboration

How accurate do you feel this is? Did I miss anything?

🙋 Let me know in the comments!

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