25 January, 2024

Are you in 'Work Heaven' 😁
or in 'Work Hell' 😩 ?

Are you in 'Work Heaven' 😁 or in 'Work Hell' 😩 ?

Let me explain.

To do that, I want to introduce the 'Matrix of Work Satisfaction'.

A tool I created to give us clarity over our satisfaction in the different dimensions of our work, so we can take action and improve them.

And there are 8 dimensions in total. (check slide below)

You can place each dimension in the matrix by scoring it in terms of satisfaction and importance to you.

Then there's the white dotted line.

Anything below it is in the 'Sweet Spot' - where your level of satisfaction with the dimenson is higher than its importance to you.

And anything above it is the opposite!

If the majority of your dimensions are in the Sweet spot, then you're in what I call 'Work Heaven'!

If not, then you may find yourself in 'Work Hell'...

So, if you take a minute and fill yours, where are you today?

'Work Heaven', 'Work Hell', or somewhere in between?

(to be clear, this is not an exact science 😊).

If you're in 'Work Hell', don't worry!

I've been there, it's only temporary ... if you choose to take action.

And if all of that's a bit confusing, I get you, that's why I'll illustrate it with a real example.

Here are my 2 versions of the matrix.

The first is when I was a consultant.

The second is today as a career coach, a year later.

Three things I'm learning when looking at them today:

1) Back in consulting, I felt like I'm constantly swinging in-and-out of 'Work Hell'.

Now I clearly see why ... Some of the most important dimensions for me were outside the 'Sweet Spot'.

2) While 'Work-Life Balance' was very important to me as a consultant, it's WAY less important today.

Because what I do for work today feels like play.

And you can have that feeling too!

3) Super grateful that I'm in 'Work Heaven' today, despite 'Compensation' being outside the 'Sweet Spot'.

While it's important for me, it's something I planned for ... I made a big shift after all, so time needs to play its role.

But it's also slowly moving towards the right side.

And from there, it's full-on party mode in 'Work Heaven'! 🔥

So, over to you! How does your matrix look like? What is it telling you?

What small action can you take this week to move one dimension slightly closer to the 'Sweet Spot'?

Finding yourself stuck in 'Work Hell'?

I'm here whenever you're ready to explore what 'Work Heaven' looks like to you!
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