23 January, 2024

Are you Ready
for a Career Change?

Are you ready for a career change?

Back in my consulting days, I had a constant feeling that my personal values aren't aligned with the industry I'm working in.

For example, my need for 'Freedom' - having autonomy and choice in my work location and schedule - wasn't being fulfilled.

Sometimes I had to stay in a different city just because someone said so.

Or I had to stay at the office even though completely unnecessary.

Also, my value of 'Authenticity' suffered.

I felt like I couldn't bring my whole self to work.

Like I had to wear some sort of mask, and that I couldn't say what I wanted in the way that I wanted to.

These thoughts and feelings were just the tip of the iceberg, showing me there's a deeper longing I had for change.

So, how can you tell if you're at a similar crossroad?

Here are 5 signs your authentic self is craving a career shift:

1) You feel a strong mismatch between your personal values and those of your company or industry.

2) You feel more excited and fulfilled in your hobbies than at work.

3) You have a strong gut feeling that something out there is waiting for you.

4) You have a persistent feeling of disengagement and indifference at work.

5) You feel like what you're learning is not meaningful to you anymore.

Do you find yourself in any of those, or more than just one?

Feeling like it's time for a change?

Let's explore career options that are authentically YOU.

Send me a message and let's chat!

PS: Here's a photo of me feeling that sweet 'Freedom'.
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