7 MARCH, 2024

Bingo Diagram

'I want change but I don't know what I want' ...

'I wish I had a passion, I'd go for it' ...

Sounds familiar? You're not alone.

If you're looking for an exciting career change but don't know where to start, here's what you need:

Clarity. 🎯

But clarity doesn't come in a day - it's a process.

And one of many steps in that process is identifying your 'Ideal Work Context'.

In other words, the topics, industries or verticals you want to work in.

Your ideal work context is the intersection of your 'Areas of Interest' and 'Areas of Expertise'.

Why is this intersection crucial?

Because expertise without genuine interest is boring and 'forced'.

And interest without expertise is more of a hobby.

Enter the 'Bingo Diagram'.

Basically, you want to place all the topics that you feel excited about in the 'Interests' circle.

Then, place all the topics that you know about (at least more than the average person) in the 'Expertise' circle.

The sweet spot is in the middle - topics that excite you and that you know about.


That's where you ideal work context lies - where work feels like play.

For me, it's 'Personal Development' and 'Adventure Travel'.

During my consulting days, when I was contemplating a career change towards something exciting, these were the 2 areas I was considering.

I ended up choosing personal development and more specifically, career change - because that's more meaningful to me than adventure travel.

And 'meaningful work' was a top need for me back then.

So here's a crazy thought.

Sometimes, when it's late at night and I have a choice between developing a framework versus playing some video game with my friends, it's a really tough decision!

That's what work that feels like play looks like.

Still can't wrap my head around it.

And that's why I want everyone to have that feeling.

I never had that in consulting.

So if you want to have this feeling, my question to you is:

What's in your Bingo sweet spot?
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