27 February, 2024

Career and Identity Circles

Is your work an extension of who you are?

When people reach out to me for career change, they're seeking clarity on a few key questions:

'What's my next career move?'
'Where do I apply?'
'How do I go about it?'

These are all super valid questions - but they're just the tip of the iceberg.

So instead of tackling them first, we start at the core.

And the core of what you do for work is who you are.

One of my biggest learnings from my coaching training is that we have 2 sides to us.

A 'Being' part - who we are.
And a 'Doing' part - what we do.

And it's sad that most of us only focus on the 'Doing' part, like going through life with one eye open.

Ideally, our 'Doing' is a clear reflection of our 'Being'.

That's what 'Authentic Work' feels like. 😁


I have a client who's currently in a financial planning role, and he wants to change towards something more exciting, more fulfilling ... more 'him'.

So we started by uncovering his 'Being' side first - the roles he naturally plays in his life.

He's a social guy, an explorer, a visionary and a connector.

And these roles are expressed by his 'Doing' side - his best skills.

Persuading, networking, presenting and orchestrating.

As soon as we finished these 2 activities, I asked: 'What are you learning?'

'Dude, I'm in the wrong role!'

Couldn't agree more...

And now that we're clearer on who he is and what he does best, we can start designing a career that fits his identity and his best skills like a glove.

One that's an extension of who he is.

Now over to you.

Is your 'Doing' an extension of your 'Being'?

In other words...

Is your 'Career' an extension of your 'Identity'?
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