25 APRIL, 2024

Career Archetypes

Here's my list of 8 Career Archetypes 🎭

Which one fits you the most?

If you love personality types and assessments (like me), this is for you!

MBTI, Enneagram, Jung Archetypes, DISC, Big Five ... can't have enough 😁

Who can say no to something that's both fun and useful?

In this spirit, I wanted to create something for the world of work.

So here are the '8 Career Archetypes' that I created with the help of AI.

The point of this is to gain awareness on how aligned you are with your ideal career path, in terms of core needs, motivations, fears and ideal roles.

If these resonate with you, I'm thinking about creating a series of posts where I go a bit more in-depth into each archetype over the coming weeks.

🙋 Comment with the archetype that fits you best!

PS. I resonate the most with the 'Advocate' with a pinch of 'Visionary'.

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