5 MARCH, 2024

Coaching is BS

'Coaching is bullsh*t!'

'How can you coach someone if you're not an expert on the topic?'

How many times have I heard these ...

The problem is, it misunderstands the essence of coaching.

Because coaching is not about the topic, it's about the person.

The topic can be about work, money, health, relationships - you name it!

The only constant here is the person.

And coaching focuses on who they're being, rather than what they're doing.

Because while today their focus is on doing X, tomorrow they might shift their focus to doing Y.

However, who they're being is the underlying layer - the core - that allows their actions to express themselves.

Are you being calm, open and playful?

Or are you being anxious, stubborn and rigid?

Being in these different states will drastically affect your actions.

So instead of focusing on the actions, coaching focuses on the whole person ... actions naturally follow.

So when a client tells me they're not researching, networking or applying as much as they want to, the focus of the conversation is not about "how do we apply more?"... going down that road will lead to tactics, strategies, and plans.

But as we all know, tactics and plans go out the window if the person is not in the right state.

So rather, the focus of the conversation is more along the lines of "who do you need to become so you can apply more?"





These are some of the qualities that will help them take big action towards the outcome they want.

So we focus on the 'Being' part first, then comes the 'Doing'.

Now imagine that person adopts a more 'courageous' approach.

Not only will that help them in taking more action in their career change process.

But also, this courage will spread across different areas of their lives.

Soon enough, you'll see them...

... Having more difficult and honest conversations with their family ...

... And being more courageous in the dating scene.

That's the power of coaching.

A person comes in with a topic that's bothering them, they don't leave with a solution.

They leave with a new way of being that changes how they approach the issue, and that spills over to other areas of their lives.

That's what transformation looks like.

So here's a question for you to ponder:

🔥What would be different if you were more courageous? 🔥

PS: Here's a pic that reminds of me of courage.
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