20 FEBRUARY, 2024

Do you feel lost in your career?

Do you feel lost in your career?

I've been there, and it sucks! (and that's an understatement 😊)

Back then, I had no clarity, no purpose, and most importantly ...

... No coherence between the different aspects of my life.

Being in this place felt like sailing a boat without a compass.

So if you have some of these feelings today, this is for you.

Here are 3 questions to get you going and form your own compass, your own True North.

And once you have that, you're able to navigate life and work with much more clarity and conviction:

1) What do I really want from life?
2) What do I really want from work?
3) What impact do I really want to have?


For 'Person A', a good life is a simple life where quality time with family is the main priority.

They value meaningful connections.

Their career choices are driven by the need for flexibility, work-life balance and stability.

And for them, it's all about making people feel healthier.

So their work is related to nutrition, sports and wellness.

For 'Person B', life is all about achievement, growth, and having a huge impact in their world.

They view their career as a major part of their identity.

Money is important to them, but they also seek work that's meaningful, exciting and fulfilling.

And the impact they want to have is to empower and grow others.

So their work revolves around that, whether it's through creating digital products, shooting videos or giving workshops.

And there's no right or wrong here.

Just what's right for one person might be very wrong for another.

So, what's right for you?

PS: Here's a pic summarizing what I really seek from life (Challenge, Achievement, Adventure, Growth).
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