22 FEBRUARY, 2024

Do you live for the weekend?

Do you live for the weekend?

It was a sunny day in September 2015.

My first day at work.

While walking out of the office towards my car, I felt relieved, yet also confused...

A thought popped in my mind: "one day down ... 50 more years to go?!" 🤔

Is that what adulthood looks like?

For the next 7 years, even after switching industries and growing into a manager role, this feeling didn't really go away.

I was still just living for the weekend...
Living for the christmas break...
Living for the 3-week summer vacation...

Basically, I was just living for 30% of the year.

Trading my time - and soul - for the majority of it.

Is that the way the world works?

And if that's the case, am I willing to accept it?

Being a dreamer, I envisioned having a career where every day is whole.

Where 'today' isn't sacrificed for the promise of a better 'tomorrow'.

What would that look like?

For me, it looked like working on something exciting, meaningful and authentic to me.

It had to be deeply fulfiling, or else, what's the point?

Now over to you.

What would a deeply fulfiling work day look like to you?
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