18 APRIL, 2024

Do you stay
or quit your job?

Do you stay or quit your job?

Do you ask that girl / guy out or do nothing?

Do you move to a new city or stay in your current one?

Why is it so hard to decide when we're in these situations?

After coaching several clients on whether to stay or quit their jobs, here's my view.

They all had internal conflicts. 🎭

Some parts of them craved the adventure and freedom of quiting their job.

While other parts of them feared the unknown and needed the security of their paycheck.

Some parts wanted a more balanced lifestyle.

While other parts worried about what others would think if they quit.

And all these parts have their own truth and wisdom.

The thing is, if you're a high-performer in a coporate setting, you're most likely relying way too much on your rational side (like me up until a year ago).

In coaching, we'll also give the microphone to your emotional and instinctual sides.

🧩 What does your 'Head' have to say? (rational)

❤️ What does your 'Heart' have to say? (emotional)

💡 What does your 'Gut' have to say? (instinctual)

By doing that, you'll have much more clarity and awareness over what's going on inside you.

And from that place, you get to choose the best way forward.

That's what happens in a coaching session.

I don't help my clients by solving their issue.

I help them help themselves. 😁

Small difference, big impact!

Because if I helped them, what happens the next time they're conflicted?

But once they've learned to manage their own internal conflicts, they then have the power to do so forever.

Like teaching a man how to fish.

Now over to you, what are you most conflicted about today? 🧐

PS. Here's a photo of me following my gut and taking a detour to attend a carnaval in Bolivia ... great decision!

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