8 February, 2024

How fulfilled are you
at work today?

From 1 to 10, how fulfilled are you at work today?

And you can't say 7, that's the safe answer 😁

To be clear, fulfilment is not happiness.

They're two different feelings.

Happiness is brief and fleeting.
Fulfilment is deep and long-lasting.

And we only feel fulfilled when our key needs are being satisfied.

If they're not, then we feel empty from the inside.
It's that simple.

In my previous life as a consultant, I had 5 key needs:

1) Meaning and Purpose - I wanted to have an impact that's meaningful to me.

2) Fun - I wanted to feel like I'm playing at work.

3) Freedom - I wanted to work whenever I wanted ... wherever I wanted (as much as possible 😊).

4) Growth - I wanted to feel like I'm learning things that are important to me, not some random topic because of a 2-month project.

5) Challenge - I wanted to take on something big and play the long-game.

And there were also some hidden 'under the surface' needs like 'Image', 'Fame', and 'Legacy'. (slightly blushing as I type those words)

But hey, we're human and it's normal!

Anyways ... back then, only 2 of my needs - Growth and Challenge - were being somewhat satisfied, while others just weren't ... not enough!

That's why I made the shift towards career coaching, so I can help unfulfilled high-performers feel alive in a career they love.

And now that I got a taste of what real fulfilment at work looks like, I want to share that feeling with everyone!

That's my mission these days.

So, what are your biggest needs at work today?
And how many of those are being fulfilled?

PS: Here's me super fulfilled at work
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