6 February, 2024

I said 'Yes' when
I should've said 'No'...

I said 'Yes' when I should've said 'No'...

It was June 2020.

I got a call from a principal for a new project that was gona start.

They wanted me to be part of the team.

And from the first briefing I got, it seemed like a 'stinkyyy' project.

It didn't feel right, like a storm just waiting to happen.

Do I take it or not?

Every part of me was screaming "NO!".

Yet, I had doubts and fears like:

"What will they say?"
"But I want a promotion"
"I'll disappoint some senior people"
"I don't want this to reflect badly on me"

So I said yes.

And the following 2 months were just a complete misery.

Chaos left, right and center...
Forcing myself out of bed every morning...

I said yes when I should've said no.

That was one of my biggest learnings during my 6 years in consulting.

I said yes to the partner, to the principal, to the manager.

Yet I said no to myself.

I chose outward success over self-care...

Never again!

Now, over to you.

Who are you saying yes to?
And who are you saying no to?

PS: Here's what 'Self-Care' looks like to me.
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