21 MARCH, 2024

Journey update! 😁

Now that I'm halfway through my 6-month coaching certification program with Co-Active Training Institute, I'd like to share 3 big learnings - both as a client and as a coach.

1. The fastest path to growth lies in the place we fear the most.

For me, that means being vulnerable, being fully transparent, being 'naked' in a way.

And that spans across my professional and personal life.

Being vulnerable and 'exposed' was and still is hard for me.

Whenever I'm in this place, it feels like I want to crawl out of my own skin and run away...

But that's what exponential growth feels like, and for me it's worth it.

So, what's the place of being that you fear the most today?

And what's possible for you if you go there?

2. The more we integrate our different sides, the
more power we have.

We're complex beings. We all have powerful sides and weaker ones.

We all have bright sides and darker ones.

The more we accept and integrate them, the more choice we have.

And more choice means better possibilities, hence better outcomes.

So which parts of you are you not integrating (or repressing)?

And what is it costing you by not listening to them?

3. 'Self-abandonment' and 'Self-indulgence' are our biggest enemies.

Think of it like a pendulum.

In my case, I've spent the majority of my life in the 'Self-abandonment' side.

Neglecting my needs, desires and dreams...

In this place, 'Self-care' is lacking, and that leads to an unfulfilled life.

Over the last few years though, I gradually 'stepped into my own light'...

And now I found the pendulum swinging towards 'Self-indulgence'.

That's a new beast I just met - 'Ego' is another word for it.

In this place, 'Self-discipline' is lacking, leading me to fly too close to the sun sometimes, and occasionally getting myself burnt...

Now I'm learning to manage that as well.

Where does your pendulum point towards today?

What's the impact on you?

PS. Here's a vulnerable photo of me, just a selfie I took while writing this (after ~50 agonizing attempts...)

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