31 DECEMBER, 2023

Love your Fate

Everyone has a plan, until their car gets stolen.

That's what happened to me at least.

As I left home to go to the doctor's yesterday, I noticed my car wasn't there.

"Is that real?" I thought in the middle of the street. It was.

For a minute, I panicked. Heavy breathing. Worst case scenarios playing out in my mind.

Enter 'Amor Fati', latin for 'Love your Fate'.

A concept from Stoic philosophy.

A way of thinking in the face of setbacks, accepting and embracing them into our lives.

So that's what I tried to do, embrace this event and see the positives in it.

First positive, I got a new story to tell now, and something to post about today. 😊

I also got to experience being in an interview room inside a police station for the first time.

Most importantly, I got the opportunity to challenge myself and test my mental resilience 'muscles'.

Let's call it an unexpected workout.

How about you?

How would your day look like if you try to adopt 'Amor Fati' and embrace whatever life throws at you?
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