17 NOVEMBER, 2023

Matrix of Interest & Knowledge

'I want change but I don't know what I want' ... 'I wish I knew my passion, I would go for it' ... Sounds familiar? You're not alone.

If you're looking for an exciting career change but don't know where to start, here's what you need: Clarity.

But clarity doesn't come in a day - it's a process.
And a powerful step in that process is finding the intersection of your 'Interest Areas' and 'Knowledge Areas'.

Why is this intersection crucial? Because expertise without excitement can lead to burnout, while excitement without expertise is more of a hobby.

Enter the 'Matrix of Interest & Knowledge'. Here's how to create your own:

1) List any field, area or topic that you like and feel excited about. For me, some examples are 'Personal Development', 'Adventure Travel', 'Games', 'Movies', etc.

2) List any field, area or topic that you know about from work and outside of work. For me, some examples are 'Transportation', 'Logistics', 'Financial Statements', etc.

3) Place everything you listed into any of the 4 boxes in this matrix.

The sweet spot is the top-right quadrant: HIGH interest, HIGH knowledge. Bingo!

This is where your next career move lies, where work feels like play.

For me, it's 'Personal Development'. That's what I do now after I quit my strategy consulting job a year ago.

And I love it, because it doesn't feel like work to me.

Everything I do is done for the sake of it. The process is enjoyable.

A positive outcome is inevitable.

So, what's in YOUR top-right quadrant?
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