3 January, 2024

My Review of 2023
and Goals for 2024

Hey Friends,

Hope you had a cozy holiday season with friends and family, and wishing you all a great 2024!

Reflecting on this past year and looking forward to the future, here's my review of 2023 and goals for 2024.

Three highlights from 2023:

1) Spending 5 months backpacking in South America, hiking 10 volcanoes, and seeing amazing sights (Salar de Uyuni was my favorite - pic below)

2) Completing my coaching training with the beautiful Co-Active Training Institute community in Dubai and starting the certification journey with them

3) Working with 18 amazing clients that inspire me and push me to give my best everyday

Three key learnings from 2023:

1) Taking good care of my body and health is the #1 priority - without good health, nothing matters

2) Amor Fati, latin for 'Love Your Fate' - a mindset that helped me embrace bad events and make the best out of them

3) If you don't do 'Emotions', you're missing out on a lot of experiences - that's for the men out there

Three big goals for 2024:

1) Grow my career coaching practice - 10k followers on Linkedin, launch a website (coming soon!), launch group workshops and digital products

2) Find a sport that I can do regularly and that I enjoy (I hate going to the gym)

3) Invest more in my close relationships, and be more proactive in having a 'serious' romantic relationship

That's my list! What's yours like?
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