1 DECEMBER, 2023

Regret or Fear

What's one thing you'd regret if you never went for it?
Back when I was in consulting a year ago, I was quite happy.

I liked the manager role, I had cool projects and amazing teams that I worked with.

But I knew I had a dream, a path that's waiting for me to explore.

And if I never went for it, I would regret it my whole life.

Back then, the fear of quitting was real - going into the unknown, letting go of a big paycheck, and so on...

But looking back at this decision today, it was one of the best I've ever made.

Because what I do for work today feels like play.

It's authentic, meaningful, and fulfilling - too good to be true!

This brings me to the point of the story, which is about 'Regret'.

When old people are asked about the things they regret in life, it's about the things they didn't do.

What about the things they did that didn't work out?

They were great learnings!

Now think about the things you never did.

The conversation you never had...

The project you never started...

The girl or guy you never approached...

The trip you never took...

The dream you never chased....

And I definitely have a few of those 😁

So regret is about choice.

On one side of that choice, there's certainty, comfort, passiveness, and missed opportunities.

On the other side, there's courage, pride, stories, growth, and dreams.

I'm not saying drop everything right now and go for your wildest dreams.

I'm saying take more calculated risks in different areas of your life - small downside risk with massive upside potential.

When you look back on your life, which side do you want to be on? The choice is yours.
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