14 March, 2024

Schein's Eight
Career Change Anchors

What's your main reason for career change? 🧭

After studying the career change patterns of thousands of people, Schein narrowed them to only 8 drivers or motivating factors, which he called the 'Career Change Anchors'. 

Here they are below.

While you might resonate with a few of them, there's typically one dominant anchor for each of us.

For me, it's 'Entrepreneurial Creativity' (with a healthy dose of 'Autonomy & Independence').

Going back to my consulting career, the biggest reason I wanted change was that I felt restricted.

Restricted in who I could be and what I could do.

And it never sat well with me.

Also, reflecting on my entrepreneurial journey today - filled with highs and lows - the biggest thrills I get are when I'm creating stuff.

As soon as the creating part stops, it feels a bit stale, and I'm already thinking: 'What's next?'

How about you?

What's your dominant career change anchor?

Is it being fulfilled today?
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