12 MARCH, 2024

The 5 Laws for Fulfiling Work

🔥The 5 Laws for Fulfiling Work 🔥

Heard of the '48 Laws of Power', or the 'Laws of Human Nature'?

These are some of my favorite books by the GOAT of personal development - Robert Greene.

Inspired by this theme of 'Laws', here are my '5 Laws for Fulfiling Work':

1) Pursue Purpose, Not Passion

While your passion is for you, your purpose is for others.

By focusing on purposeful work, you're contributing to a cause that's bigger than you.

And that brings meaning and fulfilment in your life.

So if you want to reflect on your purpose, start with this question:

What's the impact that you want to have in this world?

2) Align Your Work With Your Values

If you value 'Creativity' and 'Freedom' but work in 'Ops' in a stiff corporate setting - your fulfilment will suffer.

Instead, try to identify your values and make sure they're present at work.

3) Craft Your Own Definition Of Success

Earlier in my career, I found myself mainly chasing money, recognition and status.

While these are normal, it took an existential crisis for me to turn inward and ask myself the question:

'What am I really seeking from work?'

Growth, Play, Authenticity. (as well as money, recognition and status)

Now that I know what good work is to me, I can pursue it more clearly.

4) Serve An Audience You Care About

In my consulting days, I was serving governments and public sector entities - boringgg! 😁

Now I serve young adults, people like me, that want to find exciting and fulfiling careers - so much more meaningful!

Which group of people do you most care about serving?

5) Align Your Role With Your Authentic Self

If you're a people-person in a financial role, there's some significant misalignment between your work role and who you are.

Ideally, you'd be much better suited in a role that deals with people most of the time, like a BD, Partnerships, or Comms role.

Here you go, these are my '5 Laws for Fulfilling Work'!

Also, you don't need all 5 at work to feel fulfilled, just a few of them would do.

I'd love to know, which law resonates the most with you?
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