1 February, 2024

What Story do
You Want to Write?

What story do you want to write for your next 3-5 years?

Overwhelming? Not a plan - only a story!

A year ago, when I had left my consulting job, I decided I wanted to paint a picture of what my journey can look like over the next few years.

The point was to be intentional in how I'm living my life, versus being in reactive mode.

Both on a personal and career level.

Knowing where I'm heading is important to me.

It gives me clarity, direction, and focus.

So I built this 3-5 year journey for myself.

I included in it:

1) Career activities

2) Personal activities

3) Income streams

4) Key milestones

A year ago, it was just a slide that I had made, sitting in a folder.

A year later, it's slowly coming to life.

Year 1 activities - Done! Yayy👌

(except for being a bit late in my certification).

Year 2 - Things are starting to move, like hiring an amazing team member and launching my website soon with a digital program.

(More on these in the coming weeks).


Will everything else come true within these timelines (if at all)?

Who knows!

But at least I'm going for it with everything I've got.

Feel like there's a fire burning in you for big things? 🔥

Reach out and let's chat!
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