15 February, 2024

What's your ideal work role?

What's your ideal work role?

Last week, one of my clients, a consultant, told me that his role at work felt more like that of an 'Assistant' ...

Outside of work, he sees himself as an 'Advisor', an 'Organizer', and a 'Problem-Solver'.

That night, I felt really sad seeing someone in a career that doesn't fit with who they are.

I had similar feelings back in my consulting days.

So if you're in this place today, here are 3 questions to get you a tiny bit clearer on your ideal work role...

... one that fits you like a glove:

1) What are your Core Traits? The different aspects of your character.

2) What are your Core Values? The things that matter most to you.

3) What are your Super Strengths? The skills that come naturally to you.

Looking at my example below, you can clearly see how they perfectly fit with my current role.

My big Ambition and Drive motivated me towards starting my career coaching practice, and having crazy big goals for it.

What I do today embodies Freedom and feels like an Adventure.

And I Empower people - through content like this and my coaching program - towards super fulfilling careers.

As you can see, it all clicks. That's me.

My work is an extension of who I am.

Want to find the ideal career that's an extension of who you are? đŸ”„

Reach out and let's chat!
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