10 NOVEMBER, 2023

Work Satisfaction

From 1 to 10, how satisfied are you in your current role?

And you can't say 7, that's the safe answer! 😊

Not sure? Take a minute and check out this "Work Satisfaction Wheel".

Go over each dimension and rate your satisfaction: 10 means "OMG I love this!" and 0 is "This sucks and I can't stand it anymore".

Once you've completed it, which areas score the lowest?

Pick one area to start that's important to you - what a does a 10 look like here?

And then, what is one action you can take this week to bump up this score just a bit higher?

Here's a personal example to illustrate that.

Back in my consulting days, I felt like the impact we had was not meaningful to me at all ... I just didn't care about improving the transport or logistics system of a country. My meaning score was a 2.

So I shifted my meaning to focus on my team's happiness and growth, as well as my client's satisfaction. This was much more meaningful to me than improving the water transport system in a city.

That 'reframe' alone brought me much more satisfaction in my daily work.

And that's just 1 dimension out of the 8.

So go ahead and try this for yourself, and let me know what shows up for you!
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